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Why Is the Statue of Liberty Green?

Posted Date: 10/23/2021

Why Is the Statue of Liberty Green?

Why is the Statue of Liberty Green? 

By: Briana Perales  


This week at Jose de Escandon STEM Elementary in Mrs. Perales 3rd grade class we read a nonfiction story filled with fun facts about the Statue of Liberty called “Why is the Statue of Liberty Green?”! After reading the story and doing research, we found out that the statue of liberty is made of copper but over time it has changed. Since it has been through many seasons and types of temperature such as wind, rain and sun with time the Statue of Liberty has formed a green layer all over it called patina. Patina forms when copper mixes with water and changes into a mineral called malachite. Each student brought their own penny and mixed it with salt and vinegar to create their own layer of patina over their pennies! Our class was able to observe the changes and record them in their science notebooks.