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2018-2019 Jose de Escandon Staff of the Year

Ms. Pantone                 Staff of the Year

2018-2019 Teacher of the Year:                                                   Staff of the Year:  Pictured left to right (top row)  Ms. Dulce

Mrs. Ellen Pantone                                                                            Diaz, Supervisor; Mr. Alex Diaz de Villegas, Instructional

                                                                                                          Assistant of the Year; Ms. Sylvia Jackson, Support Staff of

                                                                                                          of the Year; Mrs. Mary Sepulveda, Principal; and Mrs. Ellen

                                                                                                         Pantone, Teacher of the Year.





Welcome back to school
2018-2019 Campus Goals2018-2019 Campus Expectations

             Welcome to Jose de Escandon Elementary!

 Jose De Escandon Elementary School educates Pre-Kinder through 5th grade students. We are a student-centered, data-driven, attendance focused campus that is fully committed to our students and our community: High Expectations, NO EXCUSES! Our mission is to provide students a challenging and exhilarating educational experience using prescribed lessons that challenge our students in their academic achievement. Our students will accomplish their personal growth through continued in-depth instruction, productive partnerships with parents and individual personal integrity and responsibility.

It is our great privilege and pleasure to serve you and your children.


Mary Sepulveda




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